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In our trekking programs you can visit the best of Bolivia, such as the Toro Toro National Park, where you can see hundreds of fossilized dinosaur footprints, accompanied by wonderful landscapes of deep canyons.


The Yungapampa Municipal Fauna Reserve is a place of incredible scenic beauty, without a doubt one of the best places for photography.


The enigmatic and unique Salar de Uyuni (the largest salt desert in the world) and the mythical volcanoes that surround it.


The humid forests of the Tropical Andes. As well as the intoxicating solitude of the Cordillera de Quimsa Cruz and Apolobamba. And much more.

Our trekking programs are designed for those who seek direct and authentic contact with nature and local culture. Also for people seeking adequate and progressive acclimatization. This is for those people who, after the trekking expedition, choose to climb a mountain of more than 6,000 meters in Bolivia.

Ask about our trekking expeditions or programs tailored to your needs, according to your time in Bolivia and your budget.

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