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Cerro Salve Orkho

The city of Cochabamba is at the foot of the Cordillera del Tunari which gives its name to the National Park found in this mountain range. Cochabamba is the headquarters of our headquarters, so this mountain range is the backyard of all our adventure activities. Andesxtremo is without a doubt the adventure tourism operator with the most experience and knowledge in this National Park. With us you can enjoy experiences in disciplines such as Paragliding, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Rappelling, Rock Climbing.


With Paragliding we not only offer you the opportunity to fly like a bird in a tandem flight accompanied by one of our professional pilots, with us you have the opportunity to be part of the family of pilots by taking a basic pilot course at our paragliding school. Paragliding pilot training. (if you want more information about it, do not hesitate to contact us)

By Mountain Bike Andesxtremo offers you a variety of exclusive programs such as Tawa Cruz-Tiquipaya or Candelaria-Corani Pampa, among others. We have programs for all types of cyclists, from advanced to basic.


For lovers of Trekking we have a wide variety of programs, for those who are looking for a genuine contact with the harsh nature of the mountain as well as for those who are looking for demanding acclimatization programs. In our trekking routes, the ascents to the most important peaks of this mountain range stand out, Pico Pirhuata, Pico Tunari, Jatun Khasa, Huari Huarini, San Miguel among others.


For details and customized programs contact us.

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