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In the Cordillera Real is the highest concentration of glaciers in the Bolivian Andes, in turn in it you can find many of the 6000 meter peaks of Bolivia. The city of La Paz is located in the middle of this great mountain range, this city is not only the seat of the Government of Bolivia, it is also the seat of AndesXtremo La Paz. Throughout the Cordillera Real we offer you a wide variety of programs in different disciplines or interdisciplinary, among which the Paragliding, High Mountain, Rock Climbing, Trekking and Mountain Biking programs stand out.


In paragliding we offer you tandem flights with a professional pilot or, if you prefer, you can take a basic course for pilots at the La Paz paragliding pilot school. For advanced pilots we have special programs for flights of the most important snow-capped mountains, such as Mururata or Huayna Potosi.


For lovers of trekking and mountaineering, in the interior of this mountain range we have countless options for hiking or high mountain ascents, some classic treks such as the Illampu Circuit or the Condoriri Trek and also other exclusive and innovative routes.


For details and customized programs contact us.

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